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County receives AIS funding

By STAN ROESER For the Independent Review

In an effort to combat Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), the Meeker County Board of Commissioners has approved the receipt of grants totaling $70,800.

The money comes from a state allocation made to Meeker County to combat the AIS spread. The amount of the various lake allotments was determined by the nine voting members of the Meeker AIS committee, which includes Leo Bauer, Gene Putzier, Karen Langmo, Michael Lies, Mike Solbrack, and Steve Plaiance, along with county board members Dale Fenrich and Mike Huberty.

Clear Lake, Lake Koronis, and Lake Jennie were allotted $10,000, with $9,000 going to Lake Minnie Belle. Grants of $5,000 went to Lake Ripley and Manuella, while several projects at Lake Washington received grants totaling in the $10,000 range.



Ron Bubany, Editor

Letís start this off with a quiz.

During the political campaigns we have been hearing a lot about minority groups. There is one group (almost a minority) that is not mentioned. Which is it? (answer below)

This issue of your newsletter begins with an article from guest contributor Scott Mackenthun. Scott is the Hutchinson DNR Fisheries Area Supervisor. You can learn about this yearís fish surveys and also about recent decisions which have been made regarding Cormorant depredation.

Your LWIA Board of Directors will be offering a response to this article in next year's spring issue of the newsletter. If you want to contribute thoughts and/or specific information for this response please email them to info@lakewashingtonassn.com.

Look forward to reading Dave Ratheís update on several important topics, including information on the dreaded ZEBRA MUSSELS.

Watershed improvements continue to progress under the able leadership of Skip Sustacek. He covers this in detail in his Watershed Update article.

Sharon Daniels has taken over responsibility for coordinating the many financial grant requests we initiate each year. This is very important work and be sure to read her synopsis.

And, of course, we include committee reports as usual. These reports might seem routine, but they are important and deserve your study.

Now, enough about us. How about yourselves? The most important activity you should concern yourself with is to....


Answer: Voters

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