Pork Chop Dinner
Saturday, May 4, 2019
Dassel Rod and Gun
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Pot Luck
Saturday, August 3, 2019
Dassel Rod and Gun
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Pot Luck is August 4


Steve Grotbo, President

Summer did actually come and the ice is off the lake. The official ice out date was May 1st, just the second time in history for having a May date. With that, the clarity of the lake was the best it has ever been. I've been hearing a lot of theories on the lake clarity, but the one that makes the most sense to me is the late ice out along with lack of runoff. This aligns with all the lakes in the area having great clarity and with the recent rain the clarity being reduced.

Everyone should have received a directory from their shoreline captain by now. So be sure to update the "July" ice out date with the correct one. At publishing time, it did not seem like the ice was going to ever melt. Be sure to thank Mark Johnson for putting this together and let the advertisers know that you saw their ad in the lake directory.

The website (https://www.lakewashingtonassn.com/) has been updated with an SSL certificate ("s" part of "https"). Even though we do not have anything of value on the site, Google Chrome now requires all sites to have this. Surprisingly, 20% of the lake members use Chrome as their browser, making it the most popular after looking at it on their cell phones.

B&B Sports out of Hutchinson once again paid for the pork chops at the annual meeting. Lots of comments on how well it worked this year, must have been because I could not attend... At the meeting the elections were held with Cathy Klehr, Skip Sustacek, Lyle Walker, Steve Ullom, and Mike & Sandy Wosmek getting elected. Do not feel bad if you lost in the election, you can always volunteer on a committee and campaign harder for next year. The officers were elected at the June board meeting with me being president, Mike Wosmek as VP, Lyle Walker as treasurer, and Steve Ullom as secretary. Be sure to congratulate the board members on their wins at the August 4th potluck.

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